6 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Raising Venture Capital In Singapore

Venture Capital In Singapore

Raising venture capital in Singapore has gained a lot of attention in the last few years. The rising Asian startup ecosystem is constantly attracting global venture capital firms to set their base in the city-state as it is already on its way to become the Silicon Valley of Southeast Asia.

If you too are one of those first-time investors looking to raise venture capital in Singapore, the first things you should be determined is to avoid the mistakes that entrepreneurs commonly make. The more you are conscious about the mistakes, the higher is the chance of success in your fundraising campaign.

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Raising Venture Capitalventure capital firms

  • Targeting The Wrong Investor

    First-time entrepreneurs often waste their time chasing the wrong investors, i.e. venture capital firms that are either not interested in the industry the founder is dealing with or the stage of development of the startup.

    VCs usually tend to invest in growth stage or later stage of development although there are many who invest in seed stage too. Moreover, VC firms in Singapore invest in wide variety of sectors ranging from software, biotechnology, healthcare to energy, ecommerce, etc.

    Before you start chasing, make sure you are after the one who is suitable both for your sector and the stage of development of your startup.

  • Having No Clear Objective

    If you have started your own business, you need to have a clear idea of your objective. Unless you have this capability to narrate your ultimate objective to the investors, they can’t gain confidence in you or your startup.

    You must know about your product or service and the reason why customers will prefer your product over others’. You also have to know why you need the capital and where exactly you are planning to invest it.

  • Raising Venture Capital Too Early

    It is much easier to attract a venture capitalist if you have already raised capital from some other sources. Try to start with you own savings; it would be great if you can invest around 25 to 50 percent from your personal savings, if any – or that’s too high, you can try to contribute at least 10 percent. Then there are other sources like friends and relatives, crowdfunding, incubators and angels investors who can also be a great source of capital for your startup. In short, venture capitalists gain trust more easily when they see other investors have already invested in your venture.
  • Not Knowing Where Exactly You Will Be Spending The Money

    Venture capital financing is a risky investment so the investors remain extra cautious about how and where the fund is going. At this point, they would like to see you coming up with a strategic financial planner that gives a clear idea of all the elements for which you will be spending their capital. They do this to minimize the risk associated with the investment and ensure a greater profit.

  • Asking For Unrealistically Low Or High Capital

    Unless your approach is realistic, it is bound to create doubt. If you think asking too less money will make your startup look more attractive, you are wrong. It needs to be optimum, neither too high nor too low. The process becomes easier if you do a proper business valuation; when the times comes you can put forth the exact worth of your company.

  • Cold Calling Investors

    Try to approach venture capital firms through a strong referral. Get yourself introduced by someone who is very close to the investors so that they are more confident while looking at the investment. Cold calling them will be of no use as they won’t even bother to look at your proposal, rather it would be a wastage of time.


So these are some of the most common mistakes that you should never do while raising venture capital. Another important aspect is preparation; lack of preparation can also harm your campaign badly so make sure you prepare well before taking the seat in front of the investors. You must have all the basic prerequisites with you like a unique business idea, an innovative model, a smart and efficient management team, your business valuation papers, an interesting and engaging pitch, a lawyer and most importantly, a fair knowledge of finance and management.

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Top Venture Capital Firms In Singapore

Venture Capital Financing In Singapore

Are you looking for venture capital financing in Singapore? Great then, you must have come up with a unique business idea! The venture capital industry in Singapore is quite new; although many firms have been operating here since 1980s, they are still quite different from VCs in their choice of sectors or stages. While the investors usually prefer the traditional industries, the present day venture capital firms in the city-state typically look for high-tech start ups.

Today, there are nearly hundreds of venture capital firms operating in Singapore. The firms invest across wide variety of sectors ranging from software and biotechnology to healthcare and finance. If you already have raised capital before, you will find it much easier to approach and convince these investors in Singapore and if not, even then you can raise venture capital if you have a sound business plan, a unique product or service, a great management team and a sound value proposition.

So, here are some of the top venture capital financing currently operating in Singapore.

Top Venture Capital Firms In Singapore

Adam Street Partners

  • Industry – Biotechnology, Software and enterprise software.
  • Stage Of Investment – Makes Early stage investments.

Ardent Capital

  • Industry – Technology, Advertising and Transactional Commerce.
  • Makes Seed and early stage investments.

Carlyle Group

  • Industry – Real Assets, Corporate and Private Equity.
  • Early stage, late stage and private equity investments.

Digital Media Partner

  • Industry – Digital Market and Consumer Internet.
  • Makes growth stage investments.

Extream Ventures

  • Industry – Internet, Biometrics, Security and Semiconductor.
  • Seed and early stage investments

Fenox Venture Capital

  • Industry – Technology.
  • Seed and early stage investments.

Flag Capital

  • Industry – Energy Resources and Real Estate.
  • Seed stage investment

Golden Gate Ventures

  • Industry – Technology, Mobile, Online Business, Finance, etc.
  • Seed and early stage investments.

Gree Ventures

  • Industry – Technology and Online Business.
  • Seed stage, early stage and later stage investments.

Gobi Partners

  • Industry – Digital Media, Digital technology.
  • Seed stage, early stage and later stage investments.

GGV Capital

  • Industry – Healthcare, Infrastructure, Consumer products and services.
  • Seed stage, early stage and later stage investments.

Innosight Ventures

  • Industry – Internet Marketing, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Gaming, IT security, etc.
  • Seed and early stage investments.

Intel Capital

  • Industry – Digital Media and Entertainment, Software Services, Computing, Mobile, Consumer Internet, Manufacturing Industry.
  • Merger, acquisitions and equity investments.


  • Industry – Technology.
  • Seed stage, early stage and later stage investments.


  • Industry – Technology.
  • Seed stage, early stage and grant investments.

Mclean Watson Capital

  • Industry -Technology, IT, Telecommunications, Software Services and Energy.
  • Seed, early, mid and later stage investments.

Singtel Innov8

  • Industry – Digital Content Services, Customer Service Enhancers, Next Generation Devices, Network Capabilities, etc.
  • Seed and early stage investments.

SEAVI Advent

  • Industry – Technology, healthcare, energy, etc.
  • Early to late stage investments.

TNF Ventures

  • Industry – Telecommunications, Technology, Medical, Eco-friendly Products/Services, Media, etc.
  • Seed and early stage investments.

Upstream Ventures

  • Industry – IT, Internet, Software Services, Security, Biometrics, IDM and Semiconductors.
  • Early stage investments.

Welden International

  • Industry – IT and Software, Internet/Digital marketing, Cleantech, Semiconductors, and emerging technologies.
  • Seed, early and later stage and private equity investments.


Raising venture capital is challenging but a great learning experience. You get to know about your limitations, your mistakes and most importantly, you learn to face rejection. Rejection isn’t always a bad thing – it is just a new lesson that get to learn which makes you more confident the next time you sit in front of an investor.

The above mentioned venture capital firms in Singapore are all actively involved in boosting the startup ecosystem of the whole of Southeast Asia. Just make sure that you choose the approach the right investor at the right time.

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What To Expect From Venture Capital Financing In India

The venture capital industry in India is expanding rapidly owing to the presence of huge amount of talent, a business-friendly environment and frequent innovations especially in the IT sector. The local and global venture capital firms in India are currently aiming to invest in a wide variety of sectors like software, enterprise software, technology, internet, e-commerce, healthcare, hospitality, advertising, infrastructure, real estate, etc. If you too are looking for an investor in India, the only thing you have to do is chase the right investor with the right idea.

The emergence of the venture capital industry in the country is definitely a great relief for entrepreneurs like you who have a high-potential business plan but not enough avenues to materialize the idea. Despite having a great idea, the reason you find it very difficult to raise fund from other sources (like private equity) is because of the huge amount of risk involved in the investment. However, it is not the case with venture capitalists; they themselves aim to invest in high-risk startups as they believe that some amount of risk is always needed to ensure a bigger profit.

Below are certain things that you can expect from the venture capital firms in India

  • They Look For Some Amount Of Risk

    No risk, no gain – this is what the venture capital firms typically believe. However, the interesting thing is while they will look for risk, you have to try your best to reduce the amount of risk so that the investors can gain confidence in your business. If your idea is unique and you can justify the potential of your target market, there is nothing like it.
  • They Will Participate in Your Management Team

    Once you enter into a partnership, the venture capitalists will prefer to become a part of your management team. They do this to ensure that the fund they have offered is being utilized in the best possible way so as to ensure great returns before their exit period. They usually share a percentage of your ownership in the company and take part in all major plannings and decisions.
  • They Would Like To Help You Manage The Fund

    Venture capitalists have a huge knowledge of finance and they are always ready to offer you any kind of guidance related to the fund management. You may or may not need it but you can remain assured that they are always there to help you spend each dollar in the right place at the right time. This is a reason why these investors usually invest in sectors they are more familiar with.
  • They Offer Additional Guidance

    They are many other value-added services that you can expect from your investor such as guidance and mentoring related to finance and managerial skills, improving your networking skills and exit planning. As a first-time entrepreneur, you will find these services extremely valuable.
  • They Are Not Necessarily Always Rich

    Venture capitalists are although the most powerful investors, as they are able to offer you maximum amount of fund for your startup, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are always rich. Venture capital firms raise their funds from other sources like, wealthy individuals or group of individuals, pension funds, endowment funds, etc. Once they pool the money, they look for high potential start ups to invest it and gain much higher returns.
  • They Have A Definite Exit Time

    Venture capital firms usually prefer to exit ventures after a certain period which may range from 3 years to 7 years. The do the exit planning right at the beginning and so strive their best to help you reach a successful position before the exit period.
  • They have A Diverse Portfolio

    To reduce the amount of risk associated with venture capital investing, the VC firms make a portfolio of companies and invest separately. They make sure they never pour all the fund in a single company. Diverse portfolio gives them the assurance that even if one company fails, the revenues from the other will easily compensate the loss.


These are some of the vital things you must know about venture capital financing in India. You may not have the same set of requirements or preferences like other start ups such as, looking for guidance or sharing equity, but the overall benefit you will gain is just the same. Not only they will enhance the growth and expansion of your start up but will also enable you to emerge as a better businessman.

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5 Things You Need To Lure A Venture Capital Firm In Singapore

Venture Capital Raising In Singapore

Capital raising in Singapore isn’t that tough if you have the right set of tools to make your idea look appealing. There is enough money in the market and the investors are always in search for the perfect investment opportunity. All you need is to stand in front of the right investor at the right time with the right set of tools.

While venture capital raising in Singapore, you can judge the suitability of an investor by their industry and stage preference. Venture capital firms in Singapore invest in wide varieties of sectors like software, enterprise software, energy, biotechnology, finance, green technology, internet, mobile, e-commerce, etc. They even differ in their stage of investment – some prefer to invest in seed stage, some early or growth stage and there are many who invest in all these stages. So depending on specific requirements, you can chase the investors.

Now investing a venture capital firm in Singaporeventure capital firms in Singapore is again a challenge although it isn’t something impossible. Below are some of the most important things you need to lure a potential investor for capital raising in Singapore.

Things That Venture Capital Firms In Singapore Like To See

A Unique Business Idea

Today we have solutions to almost every critical issue, thanks to the rapid technological advancements that have enabled entrepreneurs to think innovative. So if you need capital for your startup, you have to have a unique idea – something that the market is eagerly waiting for. This means you have an area that is still unresolved. This will not only increase the market potential of your product or service but will also help you convince the investors more easily.

A Great Team

Your team is one of the most obvious things that a venture capital firm in Singapore would like to see. A great management team is at the root any organization’s success and investors rely greatly on smart, efficient and honest teams. It doesn’t really matter if the team members are from your family or not – what matters most is their capability to contribute to your business. Each and every member of your team should be efficient and responsible so that they can gain the trust of the investors.

A Strong Value Proposition

Why do you think people will buy your product? This is a question that any venture capital firm in Singapore will ask you. If you have a proper answer to this question, you won’t have to struggle much for capital raising in Singapore. You have to justify the market potential of your product or service – if possible, through a group of beta customers who are willingly try and test your product and approve it. If your idea is really unique, you can easily find answer to the question.

A Good Referral

Recommendations are a must when it comes to venture capital raising in Singapore especially due to the risk factor associated with venture capital investment. The investors usually rely on recommendations from their close circles, so try to widen your network and get hold of a person who can introduce you to a potential investor. Typically, out of 100 startups, venture capitalists select only 2 or 3 so approaching through a good referral can give you a great competitive advantage.

Risk Management

Your capital raising campaign in Singapore will definitely teach you the importance of risk management. The lower the risk, the higher is the chance of getting a potential investor so make your best possible effort to reduce the risk associated with your startup so that you can easily gin the confidence of an investor. This is again where you will need a group of beta customers to show the investors that people actually like your idea.


When it comes to capital raising, you can summarize everything in just one word – profit. You want profit and so do your investors. They will invest if yours is a high-potential start-up and it is possible when minimize the risk and maximize the profit potential. So just keep the above mentioned points in mind that your venture capital raising in Singapore becomes a successful and pleasant experience.

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Top Firms Offering Venture Capital In India

Venture Capital In India

Raising venture capital for your start up is a great challenge and once you accomplish the task successfully, you come out more confident as an entrepreneur. Fund raising is a learning experience and with time it often makes you learn to accept failures with more positivity. So if you have a unique business idea in your mind, do not hesitate to come forward and approach a suitable investor who is interested in the sector you are dealing with.

Today, India is fast-emerging as a preferred destination for venture capital financing as the numbers of local and global venture capitalists in India are gradually on the rise. If you have a viable plan, you can target the investors operating in the country to help you materialize your plan through venture_capital_stages_of_financing_mbaknol.

If you find the idea appealing, you can select the most suitable venture capital firms mentioned below and start an extensive research on the investors. For your convenience, we have enlisted a few firms offering venture capital in India along with their location, stage preference and industry preference. The list should make it easier for you’re to target only the most suitable investors and get access to venture capital financing as soon as possible.

Top Firms Offering Venture Capital In India

Accel Partners

  • Location – Bangalore
  • Stage – Growth stage startups.
  • Sectors – Infrastructure, Internet and Consumer Services, Mobile, Software and Cloud Enabled Services.

Helion Ventures

  • Location – Bangalore and Gurgaon.
  • Stage – Early to mid-stage startups.
  • Sectors – Technology driven businesses such as Online Services, E-commerce, Mobility, Enterprise Software and Outsourcing.

Canaan Partners

  • Location – New Delhi
  • Stage – Seed, early-stage and late stage, private equity and debt financing investments.
  • Sectors – Biotechnology, Software and Healthcare.

Matrix Partners

  • Location – Mumbai.
  • Stage – Seed and early stage venture capital financing in India.
  • Sectors – Financial Tech, Software, Enterprise Software, Mobile, SAAS and E-commerce.

Westbridge Capital

  • Location – Mumbai.
  • Stage – Early stage and later stage startups.
  • Sectors – Mobile, iPhone and Android.

Band of Angels

  • Location – Mumbai.
  • Stage – Seed, early stage and later stage investments in startups.
  • Sectors – Software, Healthcare, Health and Wellness.

Bessemer Venture Partners

  • Location – Mumbai.
  • Stage – Seed, early stage, and later stage investments along with private equity and debt financing investments.
  • Sectors – Software, Enterprise Software and Mobile.

New Enterprise Associates

  • Location – Bangalore
  • Stage – Seed, early, later stage, private equity and debt financing
  • Sectors – Software, Biotechnology and Mobile.

Battery Ventures

  • Location – Mumbai.
  • Stage – Seed, early stage and later stage investments along with private equity and debt financing.
  • Sectors – Enterprise Software, Software and Analytics

Light Speed Venture Partners

  • Location – New Delhi.
  • Stage – Seed, early stage, later stage investments, private equity, debt financing and grant investments.
  • Sectors – Enterprise Software, Software and Mobile.

Nexus India Capital

  • Location – Mumbai.
  • Stage – Seed, early stage, later stage startups.
  • Sectors – Enterprise Technology, SAAS, Business, Consumer Services, Consumer Internet and Mobile.

Jumpstart Ventures

  • Location – Bangalore.
  • Stage – Early stage, later stage and debt financing.
  • Sectors – Software, E-commerce and Internet.


Firms offering venture capital financing in India mostly look for high-potential startups who have an idea that can bring a great change to the society or offer a much-needed solution to an unresolved issue. It can be anything in any field ranging from technology to financial services, hospitality to health and wellness. The ultimate aim of the investors is to earn huge profit from your product or service for which they are eager to come forward and offer venture capital financing.

Venture capital in India is still in its nascent stage but the rate at which it is growing gives a clear indication of how local and foreign investors are keen to invest in the Indian markets. India is one of the most sought after markets on the globe; every company tries to set a base in India owing to its business-friendly environment, huge manpower, world class infrastructure and extreme talent that facilitates innovation in all spheres.

Today, you have ample scope if you are looking for venture capital in India. All you need is a unique product or service, a great management team, an innovative business model and a sound value proposition so as to minimize the risk associated with venture capital financing in your startup.

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Reasons Why a Venture Capital Firm in Singapore May Not Invest in Your Startup

Venture Capital Firms in Singapore

Venture Capital Firms in Singapore

Getting financial support from a venture capital firm in Singapore is your biggest dream today as the city-state is, currently, the leading destination for venture capital financing in Southeast Asia. Great!

But, while chasing the investors, there are chances that you might end up neglecting the factors that can drive them away from you. As an entrepreneur planning to raise capital, it is your biggest responsibility to ensure that you do everything the right way so that when the time comes to convince an investor, you don’t have to struggle much and things go smoothly.

The VC industry in Singapore is still in its nascent stage, so any venture capital firm in Singapore would like to pour their dollars in startups that have proved their perfection in every aspect. Right from your first approach to your ultimate reaction on the rejection or acceptance of the investors, everything will come under the scanner. So are ready?

Here’s a list of factors that can disappoint an investor.

A Cold-call

You’ll simply invite a disaster by making a cold-call. Simply sending your business plan to the investors including VC firms and angels will do no good. It is only through a reliable recommendation that you can grab their attention.

You Haven’t Proved Your Startup Potential

You are saying you have a great idea but where’s the proof? Have you tested your products or services on a set of beta customers? You have to have a strong value proposition to show the investors how sizable and scalable the market is. Unless you prove it, forget about the capital.

Your Idea Is Not Unique

If you approach a renowned venture capital firm in Singapore with a product or service which is already there in the market; in other words, something which is not in demand, the investors will move back. You have to think of a unique business plan so that you can tell the investors where you see your startup in the next 5 years.

You Have A Poor Marketing Strategy

A great marketing strategy always drives demand for a product/service. If you fail to build a strategy strong enough to attract customers, then how will you convince the investors? You are ready to sell your product but if you don’t have a prior plan for boosting the sales and gaining a competitive advantage over your rivals, you have to stumble at every step. In such a scenario, it is impossible to gain the trust of an investor.

Your Team Lacks Efficiency And Doesn’t Believe In Teamwork

What comes next to a unique business idea is a highly talented, smart and efficient management team your company. The investors, typically, invest in people and not the product or service, co they want to ensure that the team they are investing in is creditable. Now if you have a team which is not just inefficient but also doesn’t believe in teamwork, you are nowhere.

You Are Not In Front Of The Right Investor

This is a very common mistake that the first-time entrepreneurs like you often do. So long you are knocking the wrong door, you won’t get access to the capital you need, as simple as that. The investor will either not respond or tell you straight on your face that you are in the wrong place.

You cannot Handle Rejection

If you are an entrepreneur, you have to learn to take things sportingly. Handling rejections is an art and not everyone can do this so calmly. But you have to and if you cannot, they won’t take time to say Good-Bye.

You Are Not Being Honest

Investing in a startup is a matter of great risk so if you are inviting someone to invest in your startup, you have to be very honest in your dealings. Do not keep things from your investors, at least, those things that can, directly or indirectly, have an impact on the investment. If they get to know about your dishonesty, it’s over.


So these are some of the points that you must have to take care of while approaching a venture capital firm in Singapore. For more information, you can consider becoming a part of an intelligent network like Merger Alpha that will take you one step closer to the right investors. Do visit Merger Alpha at http://www.mergeralpha.com/.

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Venture Capital Financing In Singapore: Things You Need

Venture Capital Financing in Singapore

Venture Capital Financing in Singapore

Like many other startups in Asia, you too are planning to raise venture capital financing in Singapore and I hope you have got all the right things at the right place. Haven’t you? Singapore is currently the most developed destination in Southeast Asia in terms of venture capital financing. The government along with many private VC firms is giving an immense boost to the startup ecosystem and we can definitely expect to see more startups like yours scaling up to reach a profit-making stage.

However, you must ensure that you are always equipped to approach your potential investors at any point of time. Here’s a list of some of the most important things you must have for venture capital financing in Singapore.

  • A unique business idea.
  • A sizeable and scalable market.
  • A strong value proposition to convince the investors.
  • An efficient management team.
  • A personal savings that you can invest.
  • Ability to demonstrate market tractions.
  • A strong social network.
  • An intelligent network (not compulsory but vital)

The startup industry of southeast Asia is highly competitive. Everyone is looking for a single opportunity to stand in front of the venture capitalists. And out of, say 100 entrepreneurs they meet, they select not more than 2 or 3. So there is very high chance that the investor will not even bother to look at your proposal but you can still compel them to pay attention if you have all the above things in proper order.

Venture capital financing in Singapore is a rising industry. There’s a lot more scope for new investors to arrive, so you’ll get enough opportunities to meet them but you also have to see that you are missing out on the current market opportunities. It is ideal to leverage the demand as much as possible before your competitors arrive. If your idea is still unique, it is best if you can manage to raise capital as early as possible.

Venture capital firms often prefer to invest at the growth stage or the later stage. However, there are still many who invest in early stages but only for startups with high-growth potential. It is best if you explore various types of funding methods simultaneously as you never know what suits you best.

Also, the last point that I discussed above is vital for every entrepreneur. Try to become a member of an intelligent network that offers a common platform to entrepreneurs (like you), strategic and financial buyers and advisers of the startup ecosystem. This will benefit you in the way that you will get easy access to a suitable investor without wasting your valuable time and money. In simple words, you will opt for a cost-effective approach.

For more information on venture capital financing in Singapore, feel free to get in touch with us at Merger Alpha http://www.mergeralpha.com/.

Have you raised funds for your startup till now? If yes, how did you identify the right investor? Feel free share your experiences or leave your queries in the comment box given below.