Top Firms Offering Venture Capital In India

Venture Capital In India

Raising venture capital for your start up is a great challenge and once you accomplish the task successfully, you come out more confident as an entrepreneur. Fund raising is a learning experience and with time it often makes you learn to accept failures with more positivity. So if you have a unique business idea in your mind, do not hesitate to come forward and approach a suitable investor who is interested in the sector you are dealing with.

Today, India is fast-emerging as a preferred destination for venture capital financing as the numbers of local and global venture capitalists in India are gradually on the rise. If you have a viable plan, you can target the investors operating in the country to help you materialize your plan through venture_capital_stages_of_financing_mbaknol.

If you find the idea appealing, you can select the most suitable venture capital firms mentioned below and start an extensive research on the investors. For your convenience, we have enlisted a few firms offering venture capital in India along with their location, stage preference and industry preference. The list should make it easier for you’re to target only the most suitable investors and get access to venture capital financing as soon as possible.

Top Firms Offering Venture Capital In India

Accel Partners

  • Location – Bangalore
  • Stage – Growth stage startups.
  • Sectors – Infrastructure, Internet and Consumer Services, Mobile, Software and Cloud Enabled Services.

Helion Ventures

  • Location – Bangalore and Gurgaon.
  • Stage – Early to mid-stage startups.
  • Sectors – Technology driven businesses such as Online Services, E-commerce, Mobility, Enterprise Software and Outsourcing.

Canaan Partners

  • Location – New Delhi
  • Stage – Seed, early-stage and late stage, private equity and debt financing investments.
  • Sectors – Biotechnology, Software and Healthcare.

Matrix Partners

  • Location – Mumbai.
  • Stage – Seed and early stage venture capital financing in India.
  • Sectors – Financial Tech, Software, Enterprise Software, Mobile, SAAS and E-commerce.

Westbridge Capital

  • Location – Mumbai.
  • Stage – Early stage and later stage startups.
  • Sectors – Mobile, iPhone and Android.

Band of Angels

  • Location – Mumbai.
  • Stage – Seed, early stage and later stage investments in startups.
  • Sectors – Software, Healthcare, Health and Wellness.

Bessemer Venture Partners

  • Location – Mumbai.
  • Stage – Seed, early stage, and later stage investments along with private equity and debt financing investments.
  • Sectors – Software, Enterprise Software and Mobile.

New Enterprise Associates

  • Location – Bangalore
  • Stage – Seed, early, later stage, private equity and debt financing
  • Sectors – Software, Biotechnology and Mobile.

Battery Ventures

  • Location – Mumbai.
  • Stage – Seed, early stage and later stage investments along with private equity and debt financing.
  • Sectors – Enterprise Software, Software and Analytics

Light Speed Venture Partners

  • Location – New Delhi.
  • Stage – Seed, early stage, later stage investments, private equity, debt financing and grant investments.
  • Sectors – Enterprise Software, Software and Mobile.

Nexus India Capital

  • Location – Mumbai.
  • Stage – Seed, early stage, later stage startups.
  • Sectors – Enterprise Technology, SAAS, Business, Consumer Services, Consumer Internet and Mobile.

Jumpstart Ventures

  • Location – Bangalore.
  • Stage – Early stage, later stage and debt financing.
  • Sectors – Software, E-commerce and Internet.


Firms offering venture capital financing in India mostly look for high-potential startups who have an idea that can bring a great change to the society or offer a much-needed solution to an unresolved issue. It can be anything in any field ranging from technology to financial services, hospitality to health and wellness. The ultimate aim of the investors is to earn huge profit from your product or service for which they are eager to come forward and offer venture capital financing.

Venture capital in India is still in its nascent stage but the rate at which it is growing gives a clear indication of how local and foreign investors are keen to invest in the Indian markets. India is one of the most sought after markets on the globe; every company tries to set a base in India owing to its business-friendly environment, huge manpower, world class infrastructure and extreme talent that facilitates innovation in all spheres.

Today, you have ample scope if you are looking for venture capital in India. All you need is a unique product or service, a great management team, an innovative business model and a sound value proposition so as to minimize the risk associated with venture capital financing in your startup.

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Fluoropolymer Resin Market In India – A Brief Overview

fluoropolymer resin marketFluoropolymer Resin Market In India

For those who are not so familiar with the term, “Fluoropolymers” are polymers materials that contain fluorine atoms in their chemical structures. The substances are characterized by a high resistance to solvents, acids and bases. The American industrial research chemist Roy.J.Plunkett in 1938 accidentally discovered these substances while he was trying to make a new CFC refrigerant; that’s when he observed that a cylinder filled with tetrafluoroethylene had stopped flowing and what came out was not gas but a powder which was nothing but the fluoropolymer. Since then the substance has found use in numerous products ranging from semiconductors and automotive fuel transport to even in NASA’s space shuttle.

Today the flouropolymer resin market in India is a huge industry that influences the lives of millions of people in various ways. Here’s a brief overview of the industry:

  • The biggest demand driver of Polytetrafluoro-ethylene (an industrial fluoropolymer) in India is the chemical processing industry unlike China where the demand drivers are wires and cables, non-stick cookware and industrial lined products.
  • These are used in lining of pipes, vessels, wire and cable industry, automotive, electrical switchgears, electronics, valves and other flow products.
  • PTFE – polytetrafluoro-ethylene is the most commonly used flouropolymer.
  • Industrial and consumer applications like non-stick cookware coating is very common in India.
  • Non-stick cookware manufacturers buy this product in large amounts.
  • The demand for the substance is primarily domestic in India.
  • The fluoropolymer resin market in India annually produces 2,500 tons of polymers with a growth of 6 to 7 percent p.a.
  • Dupont is, currently, leading the fluoropolymer resin market in India.
  • The polymers are also imported from China, GFL (Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited) and other leaders.
  • The price for PTFE varies depending on global price trends and demand supply ratio with respect to China.
  • GFL (Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited) in India has earned a significant share in the Indian market.
  • Current trends indicate that the Indian automotive industry and the pharma industry are emerging as the biggest demand drivers for the fluoropolymer resin in India.
  • Though filled with risks and policy restrictions, oil and gas exploration can also drive demand for PTFE in India.
  • There is also growth potential for fluoropolymers like PFA and FEP etc owing to the rapid growth in the automobile industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry is the biggest consumer of these products.
  • Although the fluoropolymer market depends on the global market scenario, there is still great potential in the industry with value added applications.


India being one of the world’s largest economies is striving to ensure for its citizen safe and nutritious food, uninterrupted energy and state-of-the-art infrastructure to protect both people and the environment. This increasing need to make like better for the people is playing a significant role in driving the demand for the fluoropolymer resin market in India. Today, this global business has taken place as a billion dollar industry in India and is catering to wide varieties of sectors ranging from industries to household items. Consumers rely on the products made from fluoropolymers due to their unique benefits.

Currently, investors from around the world are frequently eyeing the market to gain huge profits. For more information on the fluoropolymer resin market in India, feel free to visit Merger Alpha at

Amusement Parks Industry In India: A Short Overview

Amusement Parks in India

Amusement Parks in India

Amusement Parks In India

Amusements parks in India, which were once meant as a fun place for kids to spend their time, have now emerged as a billion dollar industry. Over the years, the industry of amusement parks in India has witnessed lots of variations; there was a time when Indira Gandhi promoted the Appu Ghar just as a fun zone for the poor kids who could enter the park free of cost and spend time their parents and other kids. And today, most of the amusement parks charge not less than Rs 1200 or so excluding the charges for the rides and theatre shows. Quite evidently, the amusement park industry in India has emerged as a great investment options.

Here are a few key points that will give you an overview of the amusement parks in India:

  • Initially amusement parks were meant for poor children with free entry and rides not more than 10 rupees.
  • Today it is a giant industry with Rs 1,800 crores generated in FY 2013 and by 2020 the revenue is expected to cross Rs 4,000 crores.
  • Retail sector in India is the main driving force behind the growth of amusement parks in India as an industry.
  • The sector is still in its nascent stage which is an indication of its huge growth potential.
  • Amusement parks in India attract both domestic and offshore clients to make investments.
  • Adlabs Imagica – India’s biggest amusement park is a perfect example of how the sector is flourishing as a lucrative investment option.
  • Even during a not-too-pleasant economic condition, the IAAPI has recorded a sharp 8 percent in FY 2013.
  • Introduction of new technologies including rides, gaming machines and simulators will spur growth in the industry.
  • State-of-the-art-infrastructure in India’s major cities has also resulted in increased demand for amusement parks in India.
  • The amusement parks in India are yet to receive a boost from the tourism sector.
  • A joint initiative by the private sector and the government to boost the amusement parks industry in India can generate more revenues.
  • Today, Indian manufacturers are producing goods of international standards which is a great asset for the amusement park industry of the country.
  • Currently, there are about 150 players in the amusement parks industry in India which is quite less for a country with population more than 1.2 billion.
  • Today, tickets to theme parks in Indian metros cost nearly Rs 1200 and more while in the tier II and III cities, the price starts from Rs 350 per individual.


Foreign investors are frequently eyeing the amusement parks in India and many have already started promoting some of the major ones like the Wonderla in Bangalore. The fast-paced infrastructural developments across all major cities and metros are expected to further boost the identity of the industry as a great investment option. Some of the best amusement parks in India like the Wonderla Amusement Park, Bangalore, Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, Wonderla Amusement Park, Kochi, Science City, Kolkata and Essel World in Mumbai are already listed among the top 20 amusement parks in Asia.

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Facts That Make Amusement Parks In India A Huge Investment Market

amusement parks in india

Amusement Parks in India

These days, the weekends seem to be much-more fun-filled for the Indians as there are numerous amusement parks in India located across all the major cities offering one-stop destinations for food, fun and entertainment.

The amusement parks industry in India, mainly driven by the retail sector and the enhanced connectivity, has become a great investment option for both domestic and foreign investors. In November 2014, the UK-based Eros Investments Limited has expressed its interest in the amusement industry in the state of Andhra Pradesh currently governed by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. The company has already signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a mega entertainment city in India near Vizag.

If we compare it with that of US and UK, the amusements parks industry in India is quite new although it has already completed two decades. However, the industry has mainly bloomed during the last decade owing to the advent of globalization. Currently, the sector is witnessing fast-paced development with more number of amusement parks in India flowering across various cities.

Some of the best amusement parks in India include Wonderla (Bangalore), Adventure Island (Delhi), Essel World (Mumbai), Veegaland (Kochi), Ocean Park (Hyderabad), Nicco Park (Kolkata), Food and Fun Village (Delhi), Worlds Of Wonder (Noida) and many more located in Chennai, Kannur and other cities.

Something that has given a significant push to the development of amusement parks in India is the improved connectivity and transportation facility. Infrastructural developments across the major cities are bringing people closer to the entertainment hubs.

A prominent example is the development of the Delhi Noida Metro line that has brought the amusement parks in both the cities so much nearer. Be it the Worlds of Wonder in Noida or the Adventure Island in Delhi, reaching out to these places have become easier now leading to increased affinity among people for such places. Further, the development of Expressways have also reduced the travel time drastically and brought distant places closer.

Currently, there are nearly 120 amusement parks in India and 45 family entertainment hubs which is a quite an insufficient number for a country with a population of over 1.15 billion. However, this is a clear indication that there is huge growth potential in the amusement and theme parks sector in India. Among the various recreational facilities and amenities at the amusement parks in India, there are thrilling roller coasters, theme parks, theatres, giant wheels, fun-filled food joints and family restaurants and various other entertainment options.

The biggest demand drivers for the amusement park industry in India are the emerging middle class, increased disposable income, lifestyle and culture change and most importantly, the increased craze among people for a fun and leisure-filled lifestyle. Spending weekends at the amusement parks is becoming an increasingly popular practice among people and according to market experts, there are many more entertainment hubs to come up in the next few years and by 2020, the amusement parks in India is expected to be an industry worth Rs 10,000 crores.

So it is quite evident why investors from across the globe are increasingly getting attracted towards the industry. For more information on amusement parks in India, feel free to visit