Venture Capital Firms In Singapore Along With Their Stage And Sector Preference

Venture Capital Firm in Singapore

Venture Capital Firm in Singapore

Venture Capital In Singapore

Today, when it comes to capital raising in Singapore, startups have a wide variety of options. With the significant growth in the number of venture capital firms in Singapore, especially driven by the favorable government policies and tax incentives, the entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia are more confident about starting their dream ventures.

If you are one those entrepreneurs searching crazily for a Venture Capital firm in Singapore, here’s a list of some of the most renowned venture capitalists in the country along with their preferred sector and stage of investment. This will help you easily sort out a few suitable investors for your newly-started business.

Before you approach them, make sure you have all the vital things prepared like a unique business plan, a sizable and scalable market, a strong value proposition, an innovative business model, a smart and efficient management team and ample knowledge about management and finance.

A List Of Venture Capital Firms In Singapore

Gree Ventures

•    Investment Stage – Seed stage, Early stage and Later stage.
•    Sectors – Ecommerce, Fashion, Advertising.

Hera Capital

•    Investment Stage – Seed stage investments.
•    Sectors – Consumer, Retail, Media and Technology

IMJ Investment Partners

•    Investment Stage – Seed and Early stage investments.
•    Sectors – Technology, Education, etc.

Infocomm Investments

•    Investment Stage –Seed and early stage investments.
•    Sectors – Consumer Web, Mobile Applications and Infrastructure, SaaS and Cloud Infrastructure, Games and Enterprise IT.

Intel Capital

•    Investment Stage – Seed, Early and Later stage, Private Equity and Debt Financing.
•    Sectors – Software, Mobile, Enterprise Software

Fenox Venture Capital

•    Investment Stage – Seed and Early stage venture investments
•    Sectors – Finance, Mobile, Hardware and Software

Digital Media Partners

•    Investment Stage – Early and growth stage investments.
•    Sectors – Digital Market and Consumer Internet.

New Asia Investments

•    Investment Stage – Growth stage investments.
•    Sectors – Med Tech, Clean Tech, industrial innovations.

Pivotal Asia Ventures

•    Investment Stage – Early stage startups.
•    Sectors – Technology

Rebright Partners

•    Investment Stage – Early stage startups and Series A investments.
•    Sectors – Ecommerce, Social Commerce and Restaurants.

SBI Ven Capital

•    Investment Stage –Growth stage startups.
•    Sectors – Financial Services and Technology.

Sequoia Capital

•    Investment Stage – Seed, Early and Later stage and Private Equity investments.
•    Sectors – Software, Mobile, Enterprise Software

Singtel Innov8

•    Investment Stage – Seed, Early and Later stage.
•    Sectors – Mobile, Advertising and Social Media.

Vertex Venture Holdings Limited

•    Investment Stage – Seed, Early and Later Stage investments.
•    Sectors – Travel, Ecommerce, Mobile

Golden Gate Ventures

•    Investment Stage – Seed and Early Stage Investments.
•    Sectors – Software, Ecommerce, Enterprise Software

Jungle Ventures

•    Investment Stage – Seed and Early Stage Investments.
•    Sectors – Mobile, Ecommerce, Curated web


•    Investment Stage – Seed, Early and Later Stage investments.
•    Sectors – Image Recognition, Health and Wellness, etc.


Today, the startup industry in Southeast Asia has attained a successful position. Talent was always there and now, with the entry of these professional investors, it has become easier for entrepreneurs like you to take your business to a successful position. Before you approach any of these venture capital firms in Singapore, make sure you go through their website and do an extensive research on the investors.

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Things You Need To Raise Venture Capital for Your Startup

Venture Capital in Singapore

Venture Capital in Singapore

Are you planning to raise venture capital for your newly started or already operational company? Raising capital is although not easy but you can still sail smoothly if you have everything is proper order.

Nothing can stop you if you have a highly potential business but still it is advisable that you learn to cope with rejections as it is quite a common thing for entrepreneurs to fail at the few attempts. The best part is, we always learn from our mistakes, so keep yourself motivated all the time. At the same time, make sure you are struggling (spending your time, money and energy) in the right direction, i.e., for the right investor.

Here’s a brief description of some of the most important materials required for capital raising.

•    A unique business idea.
•    A smart and organized management team.
•    A sizable and scalable market.
•    Business valuation.
•    Value proposition.
•    A planned and concise investment proposal.
•    Understanding your business and finance.
•    Knowing the VCs interest.
•    A detailed description of company’s development (if it is already operational).
•    Financial statements and projections.
•    Tax returns.
•    Know how and where to use the fund and how much to raise.
•    Show a potential exit strategy.
•    Hire a trusted lawyer.
•    The right attitude and ability to face rejections.

These are some of the vital requirements for any startup to raise Venture Capital in Singapore. The investors are very critical while selecting a company, so you must make sure that there is a logical and honest answer to whatever queries they have.

Your first pitch can be the deciding factor in your fund raising campaign. So make sure you include every small detail in it, in a very precise way. A professional pitch along with a great management team can go a long way in engaging the investors.

You must also have a strong network as it significantly increases the chances of your finding the right investor. In fact, having someone to recommend your name to an investor works instantly – the reason is quite simple – as the investment involves huge risk, the investors prefer to listen to the recommendations. It may come from an entrepreneur whom the investors had funded in the past or any reliable investor from their circle.

Another great way to get in touch with a potential investor is becoming a part of a network that serves as a common platform for buyers, sellers, investors and financial advisers across the world. Such a platform brings entrepreneurs closer to an investor and also helps the investors in finding a good investment opportunity.

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