5 Things You Need To Lure A Venture Capital Firm In Singapore

Venture Capital Raising In Singapore

Capital raising in Singapore isn’t that tough if you have the right set of tools to make your idea look appealing. There is enough money in the market and the investors are always in search for the perfect investment opportunity. All you need is to stand in front of the right investor at the right time with the right set of tools.

While venture capital raising in Singapore, you can judge the suitability of an investor by their industry and stage preference. Venture capital firms in Singapore invest in wide varieties of sectors like software, enterprise software, energy, biotechnology, finance, green technology, internet, mobile, e-commerce, etc. They even differ in their stage of investment – some prefer to invest in seed stage, some early or growth stage and there are many who invest in all these stages. So depending on specific requirements, you can chase the investors.

Now investing a venture capital firm in Singaporeventure capital firms in Singapore is again a challenge although it isn’t something impossible. Below are some of the most important things you need to lure a potential investor for capital raising in Singapore.

Things That Venture Capital Firms In Singapore Like To See

A Unique Business Idea

Today we have solutions to almost every critical issue, thanks to the rapid technological advancements that have enabled entrepreneurs to think innovative. So if you need capital for your startup, you have to have a unique idea – something that the market is eagerly waiting for. This means you have an area that is still unresolved. This will not only increase the market potential of your product or service but will also help you convince the investors more easily.

A Great Team

Your team is one of the most obvious things that a venture capital firm in Singapore would like to see. A great management team is at the root any organization’s success and investors rely greatly on smart, efficient and honest teams. It doesn’t really matter if the team members are from your family or not – what matters most is their capability to contribute to your business. Each and every member of your team should be efficient and responsible so that they can gain the trust of the investors.

A Strong Value Proposition

Why do you think people will buy your product? This is a question that any venture capital firm in Singapore will ask you. If you have a proper answer to this question, you won’t have to struggle much for capital raising in Singapore. You have to justify the market potential of your product or service – if possible, through a group of beta customers who are willingly try and test your product and approve it. If your idea is really unique, you can easily find answer to the question.

A Good Referral

Recommendations are a must when it comes to venture capital raising in Singapore especially due to the risk factor associated with venture capital investment. The investors usually rely on recommendations from their close circles, so try to widen your network and get hold of a person who can introduce you to a potential investor. Typically, out of 100 startups, venture capitalists select only 2 or 3 so approaching through a good referral can give you a great competitive advantage.

Risk Management

Your capital raising campaign in Singapore will definitely teach you the importance of risk management. The lower the risk, the higher is the chance of getting a potential investor so make your best possible effort to reduce the risk associated with your startup so that you can easily gin the confidence of an investor. This is again where you will need a group of beta customers to show the investors that people actually like your idea.


When it comes to capital raising, you can summarize everything in just one word – profit. You want profit and so do your investors. They will invest if yours is a high-potential start-up and it is possible when minimize the risk and maximize the profit potential. So just keep the above mentioned points in mind that your venture capital raising in Singapore becomes a successful and pleasant experience.

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