A List Of Firms You Can Chase For Raising Venture Capital In Singapore

Raising Venture Capital In Singapore

The fast-growing venture capital industry in Singapore has opened ample opportunities for the Southeast Asian startups. Asia was always a powerhouse of talents who were waiting for the right opportunity to turn their unique ideas into reality. The biggest requirement was the capital they needed to grow their startups and with the entry of numerous international VC firms, the entrepreneurs are now quite hopeful of seeing their dreams fulfilled.

In case, you are planning to raise venture capital in Singapore, here’s a list of some of the top venture capital firms that are awaiting you provided you have a unique business idea to target a sizable and scalable market and a smart and hardworking management team.

Top Investors Offering Venture Capital In Singapore

  • Adam Street PartnersInvests in – Software, enterprise software and Biotechnology.
  • Ardent CapitalInvests in – Technology, Transactional Commerce and Advertising.
  • Carlyle GroupInvests in – Real Assets, and Corporate and Private Equity.
  • Digital Media PartnerInvests in – Digital Market and Consumer Internet.
  • Extream VenturesInvests in – Internet, Security, Biometrics and Semiconductor.
  • Fenox Venture CapitalInvests in –
  • Flag CapitalInvests in – Energy Resources and Real Estate.
  • Golden Gate VenturesInvests in – Technology, Mobile, Online Business, Finance, etc.
  • Gree VenturesInvests in – Technology and Online Business.
  • Gobi PartnersInvests in – Digital Media, Digital technology.
  • GGV CapitalInvest in – Healthcare, Infrastructure, Consumer products and services.
  • Innosight VenturesInvests in – Internet Marketing, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Gaming, IT Security, etc.
  • Intel CapitalInvests in – Digital Media and Entertainment, Software Services, Computing, Mobile, Consumer Internet, Manufacturing Industry.
  • JAFCO AsiaInvests in –
  • AsiaInvests in – Technology.
  • Mclean Watson CapitalInvests in – Technology, IT, Software Services, Telecommunications and Energy.
  • Singtel Innov8Invests in – Digital Content Services, Customer Service Enhancers, Next Generation Devices, Network Capabilities, etc.
  • SEAVI AdventInvests in – technology, healthcare, energy, etc.
  • TNF VenturesInvests in – Telecommunications, Technology, Medical, Eco-friendly Products/Services, Media, etc.
  • Upstream VenturesInvests in – IT, Internet, Software Services, Security, Biometrics, IDM and Semiconductors.
  • Welden InternationalInvests in – IT and Software, Internet/Digital marketing, Cleantech, Semiconductors, and emerging technologies.


Getting access to venture capital in Singapore is no more a distant dream; all you need is a sound business plan. Also make sure you target the right investors and not waste time chasing the one is not interested in the industry you are dealing with. The above list also covers the sector preference of the investors so that you find it easier to recognize your suitable investor.

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