Product Offering of Merger Alpha

Capital & Network – The Biggest Requirements for a Startup

OK, I do realize the excitement of starting a new business and also the phase we all go through in figuring out the most suitable source of startup funding. But unless you have a strong network, finding a suitable funding source will be next to impossible.

If you have a huge amount of personal savings, it might help you in the initial rounds of financing but a stage will come when you will need a professional investor to indulge into your business to help it grow and expand.

So, how about having a platform that can help you take a leap and get hold of a suitable investor for your startup?

Visit the Merger Alpha team – a company based in Singapore targeting the fast-growing Asian market. Merger Alpha is dedicatedly working towards encouraging entrepreneurship in Asia and to fulfill this objective, the company offers an innovative & international platform to bring together entrepreneurs, investors and financial advisors.

How Merger Alpha Can Help Your Business?

To know how Merger Alpha can help you turn your newly-started business into a well-established one, you have to first go through the product offerings of the company. Here’s a list of the products/services offered by Merger Alpha.

  • Develop Your Business 

    you will get access to a common platform which will bring you close to potential investors and buyers. Naturally, your chances of finding a suitable suitor increases greatly. You don’t have to rove here and there and spend your valuable time and energy in search of an investor or a partner or a buyer. Basically, it’s a one-stop destination meant to fulfill the basic and the most important needs of startups.

  • Raise Fund

    you know how tough it is to raise fund for a startup. Convincing the investors, especially the venture capitalists, is as tough as selling fridge to an Eskimo.The team at Merger Alpha tries to make things easier for the entrepreneurs like you. They strive to introduce you to the most suitable investors around the world, i.e. those investors who are interested in the industry you are dealing with.

    Until you get in touch with the right investor, you will simple keep scratching your head thinking why you are not able to raise fund for your startup. By being a member of an intelligent network like Merger Alpha, you will easily get one step closer to your goal.

  • Joint ventures and Partnerships

    You will easily find a suitable partnership company and increase your revenue and profitability. This will ensure that your start-cost is much lower and you have enough capital to grow your business. You can partner with local or cross border companies who are also in search of companies like yours.Through the network, it will be much easier for you to expand your network, your market, products and customer base. In short, your revenues will increase very soon.
  • Stealth Campaigns 

    While you are looking for a suitable investor for your startup, you can explore various companies, get to know the investors, their choices and portfolios companies, and also do the valuation based on that which will be kept purely confidential.You will be provided a dashboard through which you can manage your interactions with other members of the network in a completely secure environment.


For entrepreneurs, there is nothing like getting quick access to a suitable investor and see their business reach new heights. If you have a newly-started business and you are still struggling to receive startup funding which is enough to push your company, you can take a chance by being a member of this intelligent network called Merger alpha.

For further information on the network, feel free to visit


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